Pay Per Click (PPC)

Grow your leads, quickly and efficiently.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing allows Philadelphia businesses to create ads that target specific keywords and when done correctly, provide positive and quick ROI.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the utilization of text, display and video ads where you pay on a per click/impression basis. The goal is to attract qualified web traffic that’s searching for the products and services you offer. PPC ads appear primarily on the top and bottom positions of the organic search listings on a search engine results page (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing allows Philadelphia businesses to create ads that target specific keywords in their industry.

Advertise It’s PPC experts have the experience to design a PPC strategy that will make your business stand out. That’s because we take the time to get to know your business, your goals and your competitors before we start planning. This allows us to lock down a keyword strategy that provides best possible ROI.

We create a new account for you, build campaigns and make it shine, or revitalize your existing account and manage it. Keyword research, bid management, ad creative and testing is what we doe. Everything we do is completely transparent and backed up by data-driven analysis and reporting.

We can manage your PPC campaign for an affordable monthly fee. You will benefit from our experience and our focus on profitability. We focus on increasing the ROI of your campaign, not just the sheer volume of traffic.

PPC Management

Pay Per Click advertising campaigns take lots of time and experience to manage efficiently. You can’t ‘set and forget’ your campaign or you’ll find that you’re either paying too much for keywords that don’t convert or you aren’t getting the profitable traffic you expected when you started advertising online.

Search engines grow every day. They are more robust and more business friendly than they once were. Odds are, you can’t setup an AdWords account and wait for the cash to roll in. Because of this, PPC management is essential for a successful business.

Pay Per Click advertising is perfect for any businesses looking to reach new customers in their local market, whether that be the whole of Pennsylvania or a tighter focus on Philadelphia or South Jersey (or both).

Keyword Research0%

Bid Management0%

Display & Remarketing0%

ROI Focus0%

A/B Testing0%

Ad Extensions0%

Ideal for Small Business Advertising

If you are looking for new clients for your business, PPC might be of great benefit to you. You can control almost every aspect of your advertising campaign. Your business’ budget is spent efficiently as you only pay for clicks that bring targeted customers directly to your website.

Your PPC budget can be tightly controlled by setting daily or monthly limits that you are comfortable with, limiting your ad campaign to just a few days, and stipulating which geographic area your ads will be displayed in.

If someone searches for a Philadelphia targeted key phrase target in New York or D.C., the ads will not be displayed and won’t waste your advertising budget. You are only displaying your ad to local people who is actively searching for your services.

The Advertise It team is ready to assist you with all your Pay Per Click needs.

We all know how difficult it is getting your business noticed on the Internet. Every business has a website and search engines churn out more results than anyone will ever review. Advertise It will drive targeted traffic to your site with a PPC advertising campaign that will give you instant visibility and immediate results!

Conversions and Profitability

We focus on conversions and profitability and manage your campaign. Our analytics approach ensures that you’ll see progress being made every month and make budget and marketing decisions based on hard data.

Keyword & Bid Management

We manage your keyword bids and identify the ones that have the highest and lowest conversion rates to make sure you’re not bidding too high or low. We monitor performance to reduce costs and eliminate non-converting traffic.

Landing Page Testing

Every month we test your landing pages and make small changes and then run split tests to see which pages deliver higher conversion rates. This will deliver incremental increases in campaign ROI month over month.

Ad Group Management

As more keywords are added to your keyword list they sometimes find themselves in less than ideal ad groups. We continually refine your ad groups to maximize efficiency and relevancy of your profitable keywords.


Our PPC Approach


01. Goal Discovery Workbook

The more we know, the better our ideas are. We'll examine crucial search data, industry trends, and competitive analyses. This helps us determine the best message to make you stand out and drive relevant traffic.


02. Build

Now will build your customized PPC management strategy and set up your analytics tracking to measure success. We’ll use our research to understand where your digital marketing currently stands and where it can go.


03. Execute

Here is where we put our big ideas into practice. We'll keep ads relevant and reaching the right customers at the right time. Then examine data and come up with creative solutions to any PPC problems.


04. Report and Measure

Every interaction a person has with search engines and your website generates huge amounts of data. We use that data to make sure we've executed a successful PPC strategy, keep you on budget and generate positive ROI.

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