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Advertise It excels in writing marketing strategies for a diverse group of industries in professional services, some of which include technology, health, medical device, financial services, property, manufacturing, logistics and transportation industries.

We set ourselves apart from other marketing companies, by utilizing our experience in both developing the strategy and executing it, ensuring that each objective is achieved and KPI is analysed. Advertise It is your partner, so your objectives are our objectives. We work with you to meet your business goals by meeting with your team each quarter to review what is working and what can be improved upon.

We kick-off our strategy projects with a clear understanding of customers, markets and competitors. We’ll analyze your customer behavior and design your custom Acquisition, Retention and Go-To-Market strategies.



Acquisition is all about targeting your competitors’ customers and winning them over.


It is important to understand where your competitors are failing customers. Satisfied customers also leave, so we’ll look deeply at the basics such as value and service but also leverage the power of the customer journey and the overall experience.


Our strategy specialists will create a detailed understanding of where your acquisition opportunities lie and help to execute it.



Retention strategy is based around how to keep your most valuable customers, whilst your customers, your market and your competitors are constantly pushing forward. Advertise It can help you with the delivery and the internal sell-in of your new retention strategy.


Retention is a balancing act. We’ll set your business up with the tools and skills to keep your most valuable customers.



  • Customer Pain-Points: Where are your customers feeling the most pain? What are you doing to alleviate it?
  • Measurement: Do you measure how you demonstrate care?
  • Competitor Awareness: What are your competitors’ care strategies? How do they deal with churn?



  • Mechanics: How does / will your reward system work?
  • Testing: Are your rewards relevant and generous enough to be worth the effort to your customers?
  • Performance Benchmarking: Ensure that your reward system stacks up against competitors and is ‘future-proof’.


We’ll monitor developments and help you adapt your strategy and offerings on a regular basis, between the Care and Reward activity.

Go To Market


Advertise It’s Go-to-Market strategy involves prepping the ground for a successful launch. We can help you launch your product or service with more alignment, clarity and energy, using the right insights, tools and techniques.


Go-To-Market is all about making confident decisions, right up to the time of launch. We will help you balance your marketing efforts across all four key categories: Brand, Product, Digital and Physical.

The Advertise It Marketing Strategists are ready to assist you with all your business needs.

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