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Advertise It delivers high impact social media marketing that’s accessible and affordable for a business of any shape or size, globally…

Internet marketing has gone social in a big way. More than half of all American consumers use social media to communicate with companies. However, only a very small percentage of those are satisfied with the way those companies use social media.

Done the right way, social media marketing gives you more opportunities to convert. Every blog post, photo or video is a chance for a customer to experience your brand and engage with you. Good social media marketing humanizes your brand and can offer higher conversion rates because people want to do business with other people, not large corporations.

Social media is free, yet time consuming to effectively implement and maintain. Advertise It can manage your online profile, freeing up your time to run your business. Our Social Media Specialists manage your social media channels listening for opportunities.

Highly-targeted, with near universal reach – social media is an essential but competitive place to drive performance.

Social Strategy & Insight

Whether you are looking for a one-off audit, a quarterly check-in or a monthly content audit our social team can work with you to deliver the strategy that is right for both your business and audience. In addition to providing strategic oversight for our clients we also deliver insight into your brand, your audience and the marketplace through our social listening service.

Our team works with clients to define what matters to them. We analyze the results as they come in and build a report showing not only the numbers but our thoughts and insights.  Our clients can use this to benchmark themselves against the competition, produce a general market overview or simply listen out for potential issues that may arise up in the social arena.

We listen in real-time.  Keyword triggers are set which flag up any potential conversations that we might want to be aware of allowing us to react to conversations as they happen.  This allows you to stay in touch with the market, react to potential issues and deliver the most impactful marketing at all times.

Increased Exposure0%

Increased Traffic0%

Increased Fan loyalty0%

Insight into the marketplace0%

Lead Generation0%

Improved search rankings0%

Growing Business Partnerships0%

Improved sales0%

Source: Social Media Examiner 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

The right content and the right networks.

Tools and mobile apps like Facebook, Twitter, smartphones, and tablets enable anyone to produce content quickly. People share their location, activities, feelings and of course their experiences with companies they do business with.

Rather than focusing on your services alone, we strive to make your social media profiles an exciting experience. Our content regularly focuses on national holidays and events, relating your business to wide-scale concepts connecting you with every element of the online world. Ensuring your business is on top of anything in the popular eye, we create a subconscious omnipresence, meaning when a customer needs a service within your industry, they think of you. It’s particularly effective for companies whose services aren’t needed on a repeat basis, they may not need your service when they make the digital connection with you, but when they do need these solutions, they’ll choose your brand after months of subliminal marketing.

From generating content ideas, publishing posts online and interacting with your fans, Advertise It has the experts who will do it right every time.

Campaign Launch

We use strategies to gain relevant followers, likes and traffic to your social media profiles. Our team constantly considers your objectives – be it sign ups, site traffic or data capture – when we create your social content and tailors your profiles to achieve this goal.

Whether this be a six-month campaign in the lead up to the launch of your concept, we’ll handle the groundwork prior to launch, and maintain the social platforms’ development. Advertise It knows that when launching a business or a new offering, it becomes your baby. We set out to help you nurture and cultivate this idea to a point where it can market itself.


% Percent Of…

Internet users are more likely to trust a brand that they follow on social networking websites.


% Percent Of…

Internet users are using social media websites to search, find and recommend local businesses.


% Percent Of…

Internet users recommend products and services on Twitter.


% Percent Of…

Internet users connect with brands through their Facebook pages.

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